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Here are answers to our frequently asked questions so far. We are continually adding to this list, so if you have a query that you can’t find an answer to here, you can ask Bren directly.

Send your enquiry titled “Question for Bren” to jess@movebabymove.com.au.


When will my baby roll over?

The rolling over action or milestone may occur at a readiness time specific to your baby but generally occurs between 3-8 months.
Why doesn’t my baby like tummy time?
In recent times, most babies sleep on their backs and the muscles that support prone (tummy) lying maybe under developed. Fun ‘tummy time’ activities as seen in the Baby Activity Program, can encourage positive ‘tummy time’ experiences with appropriate muscle development.

What is so important about tummy time?

Tummy time strengthens the head, back and arm muscles readying baby to become mobile through rolling and crawling milestones, enabling baby to eventually explore their environment. Tummy time is the building block to later mobility.

When should I start using the Baby Activity Program?

We suggest that parents/carers start using the BAC when baby reaches 6 weeks although many have started interacting with the first activities earlier. Probably depends when parent/carers feel most ready, relaxed and confident.

How often should I do the activities?

This is an often- asked question. It is suggested that you follow your baby’s mood. If baby is responding positively to an action, continue but err on the side of just enough rather than too much. Sing a nursery rhyme as you tap the left hand to the right knee/foot and right hand to left knee. When ‘humpty dumpty ends’- action stops.