Dear new parents,

To all you brand new parents out there:
Is it 2.00am right now? Are you trying to get your baby to go back to sleep? Are you feeding? Or have you just woken up in anticipation of the next cry?
Maybe you are just scrolling mindlessly through your favourite online store looking for baby clothes or looking through google trying to find a tip or trick that will make you an undisputed baby-whisperer.
If you’ve stumbled across us at Move Baby Move, welcome. We promise this is a safe place. We can be your island in the storm from overly zealous parenting regimens and advice that shames more than it supports.
Elsewhere, there will always be an endless supply of manuals providing and endless supply of advice for new parents. There will be volume after volume of ‘how to raise your child right’ and volume after volume of ‘how to raise your child correctly’ which will doubtless contradict each other at every turn. I would just like to take this opportunity to say that we at Move Baby Move we will be different.
As useful as this advice can be, I think it is as important to listen to something else as well; your instincts. You know your child better than any book or online forum ever could. If your child isn’t responding to something ‘they ABSOLUTELY MUST do’, then maybe don’t take that as the be all and end all. If your child isn’t responding, then maybe it’s not the right technique or the right time for your baby.
I think what some of the literature can sometimes fail to recognise is that babies are individuals. As much as they can give you general assistance, only you know the ins and outs or your baby’s temperament. If something isn’t working for you and your child, then have faith in yourself to recognise it and try something different.
Give yourself some credit and give yourself a break. It’s not a wrong move it is something that works for your baby and just because the book says something different doesn’t mean that’s right either.
Parenting is a largely intuitive job. The literature should only ever be guidance so don’t worry too much about what you’re ‘supposed’ to do and instead focus on what makes you and your baby most happy and comfortable.
We at Move Baby Move recognise this. Having a founder who has specialised in physical activity in infancy and early childhood, means we really understand that babies do things in their own time. We want to act as a sounding board for you, to hear your struggles and offer support (and hopefully answers) if you need.

Lots of love
The team at Move Baby Move

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