Exciting news! The “Baby Activity Program” booklet has arrived!

Move Baby Move logoThe Move Baby Move company is always looking for new and innovative ways to support parents to grow with their babies and to ensure that they are investing in their baby’s coordination, self-esteem and of course- learning.

Thus… the very successful A3 Baby Activity Programhas now emerged as the new A4 size Baby Activity Program-bookletformat.

Why? Firstly: we were needing to do a new print run as we had sold out all existing stock.

Remember- the A3 baby Activity Program was designed to hang in a handy position above the nappy change table. This original format really suited the program’s first ‘blue’ section activities designed for 10 to 14 week-old infants.

Then- a request came in from a young mother who needed to undertake the large ball activities with her baby on the lounge room floor without taking the program off the wall. Thus, the visually friendly Baby Activity Program App was launched.

why-ipadThe very successful format enabled parents to view the activities for their young and older infants from their iPads or iPhones in all spaces in the home and beyond.

This variation then led to the idea of a new ‘A4 booklet size’ that can also be more versatile for young parents.

The fabulous activities are all still clearly presented to ensure that your young baby can be involved in fun tummy time movements.New A4 size Baby Activity Program Booklet

Due to the smaller size we can announce a new price of $18 per booklet. If you are in a ‘New Parent’s group’ or you require bulk booklets for your Wellness practice, we are pleased to offer the price of $16 for 10 or more booklets.

Cheers: Bren Lovell

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