From little movement to “on the move”: an inspiring story of chiropractic, early intervention and the Baby Activity Program by Dr. James Sidebottom

My Name is Dr. James Sidebottom and I’m a chiropractor from Geelong. My wife Anne is a physiotherapist and we have an 18 month old Tom and another on the way!

James Sidebottom

When Jess from Move Baby Move asked me to write about what I’m excited by with regards Chiropractic and kids, what I thought I’d do is tell you a story of a young boy who presented at our practice with his mum, who was starting to wonder when her 1 year old might start to “move around a bit”.

He was a happy little kid, very engaged, but it was clear from the tests that we did that he was having real trouble getting moving (he had some other neurological symptomatology too, but let’s focus on his lack of movement today).

He was able to move around by rolling a bit, but otherwise he would just lie on his tummy and rock back and forth when it was clear he’d prefer to be crawling towards what he was interested in getting to (ie Mum, Toys etc).

His Mum was starting to get very concerned because she had noticed other kids in her son’s playgroup were crawling or walking or climbing and moving far more easily than he was, but until now she had dismissed his development delay as him being “a bit lazy” or that he would “do it in his own time”.

We did some very gentle work with his cranial system and stretched some tight muscles and mobilised his hip and low back and pelvis. All very gentle work to encourage ease in his nervous system and provide some input into his brain about what normal movement should feel like.

The effect was profound.

Following his adjustment he immediately began to show signs of engaging in crawling.

I called to follow up after his first visit to see how things were progressing, and his mum thought things had changed a little bit, but not majorly. So I asked his mum to start doing some cross crawling exercises and ball rocking from the Move Baby Move Activity Program.

On his second visit he was a different child!

His mum reported that he was beginning to move more easily, more often, often crawling and pulling himself up on her and furniture, engaging in play with her and toys, and generally being more active and fluent in his movement.

Mum felt that the daily Move Baby Move exercises that we had implemented had been a major driver of the initiation and improvement in her son’s developing motor co-ordination.

Why I think this story is important and why it excites me about working with kids, is that there are so many children out there who are suffering developmental delays that can be quite simply rectified with gentle treatment and exercises.

After 2 visits this child was starting to look and move like other kids his age. That obviously had a profound impact on him as he was then able to interact with his environment and his mum the way he wanted to, decreasing his own stress and frustration.

His mum felt far less stressed because she was less worried that her son “wasn’t like the other kids his age”. She also looked at him with more loving eyes as she realised that he wasn’t “Just lazy”.

Research shows that children with developmental movement delays will have more far reaching implications as they reach primary school, so early intervention is imperative to head off behavioural/social and learning difficulties down the track.

This is why Chiropractic and kids is great, because we have the ability to help inform and guide parents in improving their children’s neurological health, not only in the now, but for producing healthy active happy kids in years to come.

Dr. James Sidebottom (check out James and his clinic if you’re in the Geelong region.)

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