The Rolling Over Milestone

The rolling over action or milestone may occur at a readiness time specific to your baby but generally occurs between 3-8 months.

A baby who has participated in lots of awake tummy time activities, planned or incidental, (see Baby Activity Program), will be developing strong muscles in the neck and head, and in the back and arms.

Often the first actual roll movement can occur very randomly especially if baby looks up (at a toy or face) whilst placed on the tummy. Baby’s head is actually twice as heavy as an adult’s head so the head can lead the movement rolling over onto the back.

The first roll action may even occur from lying on the back and rolling over onto the tummy. This action is initiated via the hip rotation together with tummy and back muscles, and requires different muscle groups to the more simple head tip action from tummy to back.

Activities to assist baby to develop the body awareness, muscle strength and head control to initiate the rolling milestone include:

Zahra on fitball at 4 weeksTummy time on a large ball with a gentle roll forward, back and around in a circle.







rugbyhold→Lie baby along your forearms-head towards your elbows. Swing gently forwards and backwards.









legs→Lie baby on tummy across both your thighs. Let baby’s lower leg dangle towards the floor. Jiggle baby up and down by bouncing both knees.











tipback_section_1→Hug baby chest to chest with your hand supporting baby’s head. Gently bend forward- tipping baby backwards. This activity from the Baby Activity Program assists chest and back muscle development.





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